The Train

Location and Layout


The Train extends northeast from the Patronage, into the Metalspines. It provides passage from the Patronage through the mountain to the Junction, and by extention the northern reaches of the Metalspines.

The layout of the train is based on AMTRAK’s Auto Train. It comprises roughly 50 cars.


Mihyun Seong, her family, and her travelling companions took refuge in the abandoned train while travelling towards New Philadelphia. They were staying in the train when the machine was destroyed, and were trapped inside while the train was carried away in the devastation. When the chaos ended, Mihyun and the others exited the train and found themseves in the narrow valley where part of a small liberal arts college remained untouched by the destruction of the machine. As such, they descended, inhabited the abandoned buildings of the college, and in so doing founded the Patronage.

The Train

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